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GéNIA's Music Video for 'Voyages Français' to be released on 17 July 2022

I am excited to share with you my new music video based on my composition 'Voyages français' which I will release on my YouTube channel on Wednesday, the 17th of July 2022.

My composition ‘Voyages français’ is the peaceful piano music leading track on my album of the same title, and was inspired by my frequent journeys to France, the country where I first started to compose, influenced by the nature, art, local food and, many wonderful people whom I met on my journeys. This track encompasses my joy and love of this beautiful country.

If you would like to add the composition to your digital library, you can choose any of the services listed below or click on THIS link.

And, finally, if you are not already following me, you are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube and Spotify channels as this is where I bring out my new creative materials!

Thank you for your continuous support,

With love,




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