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'Mine Safety in the language of children’ - new campaign with GéNIA

Dear Supporters,

I hope that you are all doing well.

Here is the new update on our work this winter.

Thank you so much to all of you for providing this unique and incredible opportunity to children from Kharkiv region by establishing the new programme ‘Mine Safety in the language of children’!

This is a very important innovative project, founded by the Ukrainian charity ‘Kharkiv with You.’

It's goal is to introduce training and skills to the kids from 3 different age groups on how to walk and play safely outside, as many newly freed territories are still suffering from mines scattered all over the fields, parks and other places.

Part of the programme also includes introducing educational activities (often whilst the adults are queuing to get humanitarian help), as due to the war, many kids have missed a great part of their education.

Many thanks to our co - sponsors Nova Ukraine, Maltesers UK and its foundation, and BRIG for supporting this project.

Your donation simply helped us save lives.

My work is not finished yet, so if you would like to contribute further, please donate further via our charity's 'Support Kharkiv Foundation' website. And, if you are the UK taxpayer, please do not forget to tick the Gift Aid box, as the UK government adds 25% on your donations.


Your help is invaluable!

With love and gratitude,




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