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New Release from GéNIA - Evocations - 9 Dec 2022

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Dear All,

It gives me a great pleasure to announce my new composition 'Evocations', which will be released on 9th of December 2022.

This is the first track from my forthcoming album, ‘Exhale’.

As our society is going through such turbulent times, especially as we reach the end of what has been a very difficult year for the whole world, I would like to offer you some moments of calm, relaxation, repose and reflection.

Being the founder of Piano-Yoga® (an holistic method of piano playing, performing and teaching), I will be accompanying the album with a series of breathing techniques and yoga postures, which will be released separately, to offer people the opportunity to experience this music in a different way.

Released especially for the holiday season, I am hoping that you will be able to take some time away from your busy schedule for yourself, including attending to your physical, psychological and mental well-being, which will enable you to look inwards to re-examine your life.

And if my music can offer you this special support, I will be more than happy to contribute to society in such a way.

Special thanks to my dear friend, the incredible Spanish painter Mariola Naranjo, who kindly provided the image for this album which is based on her painting . Please visit to see Mariola'a beautiful works.

You can already pre-order the single on many digital channels and add it to our library.

Just click on the image below or click HERE

Stay healthy and happy!

With love,




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