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New Release: 'Vicious Circle' by GéNIA - 19 March 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Dear All,

I am excited to share my new single 'Vicious Circle' with you, which will be released on the 19th of March.

This piece was recorded whilst I was spending time in lockdown, like all of you. Here I tried to re-create the sense of ‘search’ and ‘almost no way out’ feeling of the current situation, which penetrated our society then.

The composition was recorded on Steinway grand piano which was built in 1932 (almost 90 years old). Mastering was done by the award-nominated engineer Cicely Balston at AIR Studios.

Special thanks to my lovely godmother, Darcie Gage, who made me get on top of that piano (in the picture), and took a shot with her phone! Also, many thanks to David Mindell, who allowed me to get on that piano in the first place. Finally special thanks to Chris Colors for making a fun cover!

I am very grateful for your support! You can pre-order 'Vicious Circle' on numerous platforms by clicking on the widget below (on Pre-Save Button), as well as pre-save it on Spotify!

Alternatively, please follow this link


With love,



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