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New Special Creation Launched by GéNIA - Creating a Bespoke Musical Gift for Your Loved Ones!

GéNIA at her studio

These days, when we are bombarded by consumerism of physical objects, finding a meaningful present, which will stay in the lives of our loved ones forever, is not easy.

Following traditions of centuries past, to welcome the forthcoming holiday season, I should like to offer you, my audience, a new idea for a gift: Commission a piece of music, and Dedicate it to your loved ones! Express your feelings, provide support, and create a beautiful piece of art, which will stay in the life of your nearest and dearest for years, and will be passed down the generations.

You can choose how your bespoke musical gift is presented, ranging from a simple mp.3 file, a framed music score, a beautiful CD, to a live performance, plus other options, including artistic installation.

Bespoke Gift for Music Lovers - Commission a piece of music!

Get in touch* with me directly to discuss what you would like to create and I will be happy to share all the options with you, what I have in mind!

Here are some of my music playlists, so you can listen and connect withe the style and mood, which resonates with you.

With love,



*Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and fill out the contact form


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