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Premieres Wednesday 27 May: Prof. Volker Scheid, anthropologist & practitioner of Chinese Medicine

Dear All,

I hope you are all feeling safe and well.

Following your warm feedback on the previous episodes of my series ‘Quarantine or Paradise’ which included wonderful guests, the renowned educator and pianist Melanie Spanswick, the ground-breaking & exciting composer, producer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev, the BBC broadcaster, actress and eminent vlogger Jo Good and the inspirational editor of Pianist Magazine Erica Worth, and a thought-provoking composer, who is also Senior Vice President of Naxos of America, Sean Hickey, it gives me a great pleasure to introduce one of Europe's leading physicians and researchers in the field of East Asian medicine, Professor Volker Scheid, medical historian, anthropologist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

In this fascinating conversation, I came to understand the fundamental differences between the approaches of Western and Chinese medicine, to look at foods as a potential (rather than categorising as good or bad), to ask whether eating cold foods during pandemics and taking immune support medication is a good idea, as well as learning many other interesting facts about well-being!

'It's a bit like music: different kinds of music for different audiences'

Professor Volker Scheid

((talking about the pros and cons of Western and Chinese Medicine) As the interview turned out to be quite long, I have broken it into sections in my comments below the episode (on YouTube), so that you can listen to the interview in discrete ‘chunks’ if you are short of time, and easily find the different topics discussed. Instead of my contributing tips, in this episode I asked Professor Scheid to comment on whether what I am doing to protect myself from the current pandemic is sensible.

The Premiere of the episode will take place this Wednesday, 27 May at 9pm on my YouTube Channel. I will be there for a chat, so please do join me! You can set a reminder or Subscribe to my channel, in order not to miss the episode.

II hope that you are all coping well these days, and finding some peace and tranquility in the lockdown, wherever you are!

I wish you to remain safe and well!

With love,



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