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The release of GéNIA's new video 'Evocations'- peaceful piano music

I am delighted to announce the release of my new music video 'Evocations'. This peaceful piano composition is the first track from my forthcoming album, ‘Exhale’.

As our society is going through such turbulent times, I would like to offer my audience some moments of calm, relaxation, repose and reflection.

Being the founder of Piano-Yoga® (an holistic method of piano playing), I will be accompanying the album with a series of breathing techniques and yoga postures, which will be released separately, to offer people the opportunity to experience this music in a different way.

I am hoping that with this track my audience will be able to take some time away from their busy schedule for themself, including attending to their physical and mental well-being, which will enable them to look inwards to re-examine their life. And if my music can offer listeners this special support,I will be more than happy!

With love,


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