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The release of GéNIA's new track - Ujjayi - meditation music

I am pleased to be able to share with you the release of my new composition 'Ujjayi'. This meditation music is the third track from my forthcoming album, ‘Exhale’, which will be released on the 6th October 2023.

This is a cover for GéNIA's next EP 'Ujjayi'

With this composition, I would like to offer you, my audience, some moments of calm and reflection. Drawing on my skills as a composer, pianist, producer & yoga teacher, the pace of the track is created to match Ujjayi breathing technique, which is mostly used in Ashtanga yoga practice.

The benefits of Ujjayi include lowering blood pressure, conquering nerves and stress management.

By offering this composition to you, I hope that this track will bring the sense of peace and harmony into your lives.

You can already pre-order it here:





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