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Special Musical Experience Holidays Offers from GéNIA

Dear All,

Approaching the holiday season we are all finding ourselves looking for special presents for special people, thinking about what they would really like?

And for those who live in big cities, combating space issues is always one more issue worth considering - would there be a space for my present?

These days I tend to choose the presents which provide more of an 'experience' rather than a physical gift, unless I am certain that the person I am offering a present to will be happy with my choice.

Therefore, on this note, for this holiday season, as an artist, I had a number of ideas (so far 13 in total!) which could provide a special experience for those of you, who like music and especially for those, who like my music! 🤗

Here are some examples:

This Christmas you will be able to play the compositions from my new forthcoming album ‘Voyages français’ either by yourself or offer them to your family and friends. For the month of December, you can purchase all 5 scores for the price of 4! These pieces will suit intermediate to advanced piano players. If you follow the link provided here you will be able to view each score together with the music, which will help you make up your mind whether you can play these compositions! VIEW HERE

My CDs holiday bundle could be a lovely gift for any music-lover in your life. We offer a selection between 2CDs (£20), 3 CDs (£25) and 4 CDs (£30), which you can gift to your loved one (or yourself!). I hope that my reflective music can add some serenity into your your daily life. You can also request an autographed copy!

For the ultimate gift, we are offering a gift voucher for a canvas artwork based on the cover design of my popular single ‘Babylon’ as well as a signed CD of my album 'Babylon'. The framed image, printed on canvas, comes in size 12"x12" and includes a hook for hanging. With only 100 copies made, each one is stamped, numbered and is signed by myself personally. At the moment we have only 3 canvases left, which we can post to you immediately.

For those of you who are interested in the composition process, and especially mine, you are welcome to virtually visit my studio. During your visit, I will take you or your guests through many aspects of my creative process including:

  • How I compose my music

  • My approach to notation

  • How I choose the best piano to compliment the piece.

For the ultimate gift, I am offering a gift voucher for a hand-written framed page of of my popular composition 'Babylon' together with a signed version of the album ('Babylon').


I compose my music by writing it on a piece of paper, following the footsteps of Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt... I compose not only at the piano, but also in caffes, the tube and other public transport, parks and many other places). I am offering you an opportunity to obtain a hand written framed score of 'Babylon' or, if you prefer, a piece of your choice which you can request!


The frame size is 23cm (width) x 32 cm (height), which can be free standing or wall mounted, as it has an appropriate hook.

I hope that you enjoyed these creative offerings from me! If there is anything I missed, please do let me know. I would love to hear from you!

With love,

Wishing you have a wonderful holiday season,




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